Oguzhan Kulekci

I am a visiting professor in the Department of Computer Science at Indiana University–Bloomington since Spring’22. Previously, I was a faculty member in the Informatics Institute at Istanbul Technical University (2015-2023). My research spans diverse realms, delving into algorithm design and implementation across an array of fields, including combinatorial pattern matching, data compression, computational biology, bioinformatics, data/information security and privacy, and more. My journey, which started in cryptography during my early career at National Research Institute of Electronics&Cryptology of Turkiye, and later expanded into text algorithms, has yielded scientific contributions, various industry collaborations, research grants, awards and patented innovations. My research approach embraces algorithm engineering, seamlessly merging theory and practice. In that sense, I have been consulting industry on projects related to my areas of expertise.

I am committed to advancing secure, private, and efficient textual data management within cloud environments, novel methodologies for data transmission, storage, and exploring fresh perspectives in omics data analysis. In partnership with AI/ML experts, we are dedicated to optimizing AI systems for enhanced speed, efficiency, and privacy. Our collaborative efforts focus on refining algorithms, reducing resource consumption, and implementing privacy-preserving techniques. Through this collaboration, we’re shaping a future where AI/ML technologies operate faster, smarter, and with a heightened sense of responsibility.