Welcome to my homepage

I am a professor at Istanbul Technical University, Informatics Institute. My research focuses mainly on design and engineering of algorithms for massive data management and analysis, with a particular emphasize on compression and compressed data processing. More detailed sketch of my current research interests are summarized below according to 2012 ACM-CCS. You may check our research pages to get more informed on what we are working on, and also don't miss to have a look to the open positions to see possible opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers and scientists.


OFFICE HOURS: Thursday, 9:30 – 12:30
Informatics Institute, Room number: 217

You can come and visit me on my office hours without any prior appointment !


Current research topics according to 2012 ACM Computing Classification System

Information Systems

Data Management Systems -> Data Structures: Data Compression; Data Layout
Information Retrieval -> Search Engine Architectures and Scalability: Search Engine indexing; Search Index Compression
Information Retrieval -> Specialized Information Retrieval: Structure and Multilingual Text Search

Theory of Computation

Design and Analysis of Algorithms -> Data Structures Design and Analysis: Data Compression; Pattern Matching; Sorting and Searching; Predecessor Queries
Theory and Algorithms for Application Domains -> Database Theory: Data Structures and Algorithms for Data Management

Mathematics of Computing

Discrete Mathematics -> Combinatorics: Permutations and Combinations; Combinatorial Optimization; Combinatorics on Words; Combinatorial Algorithms, Enumeration
Information Theory -> Coding Theory

Security & Privacy

Cryptography -> Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography
Cryptography -> Cryptanalysis and Other Attacks
Cryptography -> Database and Storage Security: Management and Querying of Encrypted Data

Applied Computing

Document Management and Text Processing -> Document searching/management/capture/preparation
Life and Medical Sciences -> Computational Biology
Life and Medical Sciences -> Bioinformatics

Social and Professional Topics

Technologies: -> SIMD (single-instruction-multiple-data) architectures